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Police activity outside of Sunshing Spa in Buffalo. Three marked cars and two detective cars were parked outside the location.

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Two arrests have been confirmed for Sunshing Spa–one for prostitution and the other for disorderly conduct. According to the jail records, both women lived in Rockford at the same location. This location is also the mailing address for the business (see state license) and owned by the spa’s owner, Wayne Westerlund, according to real estate documents.


We’d like to thank the town of Buffalo and the BPD for their hard work and dedication.


Check out the first Buffalo City Council Meeting that has started the discussion regarding Massage and Massage Therapists. Click the link below.  It is the first item discussed during the Open Forum.  Humanitarians of Wright County is asking the City of Buffalo to adopt strict regulations and licensing for all massage therapists and spas where massage is offered.

Buffalo City Council Meeting

KARE11 Picks Up The Story


Massage Island Suspected of Human Trafficking



Monticello Times: Thursday, August 11, 2016

“Following up on social media reports about increased police activity at [Massage Island], the newspaper asked… if any people were arrested or taken into custody as a result of the warrant being served or if business files, materials, equipment, photographs, or videos were removed or confiscated.

Capt. Todd Hoffman replied…that no arrests were made and that the investigation was ongoing… ‘Our special investigations and our investigations unit conducted quite a bit of surveillance. They were able to establish probable cause to get the search warrant.’

Anselment said Wright County detectives did interview two adult females who work at the business. ‘Both denied that there was any illegal activity going on. Our major crimes investigation unit did collect evidence and everything has been turned over to the Wright County Attorney’s Office for review for possible charges.’

According to Anselment, once law enforcement gets an update back from the attorney’s office, his office will make all search warrants and results available to Monticello city staff for a comparison that would be used in an ordinance review. ‘That process is likely to occur a couple of weeks after we get that information. We will make sure that the city will have full access to all of the investigative reports,’ Anselment said Monday.”