Community Action

Here are things YOU can do and ways to get INVOLVED!

  • Learn about issues facing the world today like human trafficking, at-risk kids, victims of sexual assault and family violence.  Get the conversation started with family and friends.
  •  Join us! Visit our Facebook Page– Humanitarians of Wright County Post on social media about the issues.  Share with friends!
  •  Share resources and organizations we have linked on our site. These groups are making an impact.
  • Any time a retailer gives a percentage of proceeds to non-profits, support them! Join retailers in the fight, like My Sister – She Lives Free


  • Donate any amount you are able to non-profits working on prevention and after-care for survivors.  Support organizations working with homeless youth and adults, as well as domestic abuse and sexual assault victims like the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Central in St Cloud.
  • Volunteer – Humanitarians of Wright County would love your support.  Research the many organizations in the area that speaks to your heart.  One where you can lend your support.   Together we WILL make a difference!